'Captivated' EP

We have a brand new digital only EP available from Hibernate on December 1st. It features two re-worked tracks from 'There Is No Perfect Place' and this brand new track 'Captivated'. It will be available to Pre-order from Bandcamp very soon.....

End of the tour

Thanks to everyone who came out to our shows last week. We had a great time. There are lots of people to thank, particularly Stuart, James, Chris and Jonathan for promoting the events. Lots of people came out to the shows which in the middle of summer is very impressive. Here are four shots of us looking very similar in different locations. Check our Facebook page for more photos and updated news.

If you haven't picked our album up yet then you can stream it here and the remaining copies are available from Hibernate and Norman Records 

There is a wonderful  review of 'There Is No Perfect Place' up on FLUID RADIO

Remember you can pre-order the album at the following places:

Hibernate: http://hibernaterecordings.bandcamp.com/album/there-is-no-perfect-place

Norman Records: https://www.normanrecords.com/records/149002-memory-drawings-there-is-no-perfect-place

Memory Drawings 'The Island of the Day Before' video!

PRE-ORDER the album

There Is No Perfect Place - pre-order details

You can now pre-order 'There Is No Perfect Place' at Norman Records. Initial copies of the CD come with a bonus CD containing remixes by The Sly and Unseen, Talvihorros, Beniot Pioulard, A New Line (Related), Pausal and William Ryan Fritch. 

Order here

'There Is No Perfect Place' is due out on Hibernate Recordings on August 14th. The first 200 copies of the album come with a bonus CD containing remixes by The Sly and Unseen, Benoit Pioulard, William Ryan Fritch, Pausal, A New Line (Related), and Talvihorros.

Pre-order details to follow.......tour dates above!

August tour UPDATED

We will be touring in August to promote our latest album "There Is No Perfect Place, initial dates are below but  If you can help promote a show or suggest good places to play then please get in touch! 

Monday August 18th York Basement
Tuesday August 19th London Cafe Oto (Tickets:http://www.wegottickets.com/event/279822)
Wednesday August 20th TBC
Thursday August 21st Manchester Castle Hotel 
Friday August 22nd Bradford Fuse

Our new album is now mastered and delivered to the record company. A very exciting bonus CD of remixes and alternate versions will come with the first 200 purchased. More news soon. 

New album due in August 2014

Its been a while in the pipeline but we are very pleased to announce that our new album 'There Is No Perfect Place' will be released in August on the Hibernate label.

The album has been mastered by Antony Ryan of ISAN and will come with a bonus disc with initial copies featuring remixes, alternate versions and out-takes.

Track list
Back to the Moment
The Island of the Day Before
Golden Afternoon
Then and Now
I Could Live Like This Forever
There is a World Without You
In the House at Midnight
There is No Perfect Place
Back to the Moment 2

We will also be undertaking a short tour to promote the release. Details to follow. In the meantime you can listen to 'There is a World Without You' below....

January recordings

In cold january 2014 we convened in York to start work on our third album. Meanwhile our second record 'There Is No Perfect Place' is now complete and will be issued on Hibernate in June. We hope to be touring in August.

There Is A World Without You

Taken from the forthcoming album 'There Is No Perfect Place'.

Music and Migration III -out now

Those nice people at Second Language have today released the third instalment of their Music and Migration series of compilation albums. This time round we are pleased to tell you that it includes a brand new unreleased Memory Drawings tune called 'Wheatfields'. This was recorded in haste on Joel's recent trips over to the UK, started in February 2013 and finished up in June just gone. The album also contains unreleased tracks from ISAN, Colleen, Glen Johnson, Mark Fry, Sharron Kraus and loads of others. The artwork is just gorgeous, please click the link below to buy.


July update

The sun streams through the makeshift curtains in the studio that only a couple of weeks ago was alive to the sounds of a frantic recording session. Joel had arrived in the UK for a brief 48 hour stop in order to complete some long overdue Memory Drawings business which we have detailed below:-

We have completed a remix for Littlebow -an oddball outfit containing two of our favourite artists Katie English  (Isnaj Dui) and Kieron Phelan (Phelan/Shephard/State River Widening). Our effort will appear on their upcoming second full lengther due on Second Language later in the year.

We have finished our contribution  to the upcoming third instalment of the 'Music and Migration' compilation due out through Second Language later this year.  Check the Second Language site for updates.

We have also been working a series of home recordings which take the form of 'a day in the life' having been recorded at various times on the same day. We hope to release this as part of...or separate to... our forthcoming album 'There is No Perfect Place' which is almost complete. Richard is heading into the studio mid July to do some final mixing tweaks.

So we leave the sales pitch til last.  We have some slightly mis-pressed copies of our debut album 'Music For Another Loss' for sale. Basically the tracks on CD2 are slightly in the wrong order, one track got shifted by some mysterious poltergeist during mastering so threw everything out. Otherwise its identical to the initial now sold out release. Please visit Richard's Discogs page to get yourself a copy.

And 'Music For Another Loss' is now available digitally at Itunes and Amazon and other purveyors of digital sound.

We hope this finds you having a nice summer, thank you to anyone who has posted nice comments on our Facebook page, it is really appreciated.

Post tour ramblings

Once again the decision to uproot, travel thousands of miles (for some) and  drive ourselves into the ground with organisational chaos was justified by a life affirming set of dates. The sheer kindness we discover on the road floors us every time.

We were almost thwarted from the get go by an M1 pile up that threatened to scupper our London show. We snuck off a handily placed slip road, detoured the Leicestershire countryside before
arriving in London just 15 minutes late.

The 'Be Prepared' promoters were just that and had everything in place for what was a wonderful gig. Where did the 100 plus people come from? We have no idea but it was a pleasure to play in front of such a large crowd and one made up of so many familiar faces.

The madcap drive home the same night allowed us have a lovely sunny saturday lunchtime in York before heading back onto the Great North Road for a stunning gig in Newcastle. The inaugral On The Bridges show was one of the most enjoyable of our short career, the Modern Tower venue has to be seen to be believed. A freezing cold day in Edinburgh was rounded off by a lovely intimate gig in the darkened recesses of The Banshee Labyrinth.

There are too many people to thank but here goes. First up our marvellous string players for each show, Katie English (London), Sarah Kemp (Newcastle) and Florence Fawcett (Edinburgh) seamlessly performed with us despite zero rehearsing and last minute changes of plans. Our warm up man a.k.a the wildman of finger-picked acoustic./electro folk Chris Tenz baffled and stunned audiences in equal measure , there were spot on supports from Grapefruits, Michael Marwood and Talvihorros. We are so grateful to the hard work of the promoters James and James (Be Prepared), Ally (Pendulum Man) and the most organised man in rock Paul Elam (Sleepsound/On the Bridges).

We are just putting the finishing touches to our next album 'There Is No Perfect Place',  once that is done and out we will tentatively head out again, for the moment we can drift away to our normal lives with the loveliest of memories. 

February gigs update

We have all arrived from far flung places and are busy rehearsing for this weekends shows as well as recording our second album. Here are a few further updates on the gigs:-

Fri 08 - Cafe OTO London (Tickets:http://www.wegottickets.com/event/202435)
support from Chris Tenz/Grapefruits

Sat 09 - Morden Tower, Newcastle Upon Tyne (Tickets: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/202611)
support from Chris Tenz/Michael Marwood

Sun 10 - The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh (Tickets: http://www.pendulummanconcerts.com/)
support from Chris Tenz/Talvihorros

We are delighted that Katie English (Isnaj Dui) will be performing with us at the London show. Florence Fawcett of Glissando will join us for our Newcastle and Edinburgh shows.

We are busy now so check out our Facebook page for further updates and hopefully an album teaser before the end of the week.

February tour dates in full

February tour dates are now confirmed:

08 - Cafe OTO London (Tickets:http://www.wegottickets.com/event/202435)
09 - Morden Tower, Newcastle Upon Tyne (Tickets: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/202611)
10 - The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh (Tickets: http://www.pendulummanconcerts.com/)

WATCH footage from the last show of our September tour at Sacred Trinity Church, Salford

Recordings and short tour

We are pleased to announce that we are playing a show in Edinburgh on Sunday February 10th with our good friend Chris Tenz and the very exellent Talvihorros. Here is the Facebook event page:-


We are hoping to add a date or two beforehand and will announce any further shows as and when. 

Recordings for our second album tentatively titled 'There Is No Perfect Place' continue in early February and we hope to have the album ready for a late 2013/early 2014 release date. But as you know, these things take time

Post tour

Well this has been a tour of undoubted success! We were welcomed with open arms wherever we went and at least 4 out of the 5 shows were special in their own unique way. Thanks to everyone who showed up to watch the shows,  turnouts were terrific throughout and we sold many a CD so thanks for your generosity. We must apologise to anyone who came to see us in Sunderland, the venue we were supposed to play in had been closed down so we ended up in a rock club, ACDC over the PA system and the bleed from the band on the floor below drowning us out! 

We have a lot of people to thank:- namely Paul Elam for helping set everything up, Brian at Books For Amnesty York for letting us turn his shop into a gig venue for the night, all the great Wharf Chambers people in Leeds (what a venue!), George and his Headfall people  in Bristol, Ben and Arran in Sunderland for patience in an impossible situation, David and team in Manchester and all the bands we played with. It's a rarity for support acts to be chosen with such military precision and to fit in perfectly with the aesthetic.

Suddenly finding ourselves in the age of instantly uploaded photos and videos, we have a slew of footage to share, which we will do over the next few posts.......

Leeds Wharf Chambers show on YouTube

Pretend you were at our Leeds Wharf Chambers show by watching the whole damn lot of it on YouTube. We've posted it below to make it even easier for you.

Heptonstall, The Canal's Drowning Black, There Come Days to the Hills, Slump Sundays, Sunstruck, Chinese History Colden Water, Dead Leaves, Untitled.

Recording Studio

We returned to the recording studio two weeks ago to start work on what will be our second album.  We have a great time with super producer Ross Halden who saw to our every ridiculous whim. We will return in January for mixing and hopefully completion.   Here is a picture of Joel overdubbing dulcimer in the stairwell.

'Sunstruck' free to download EP

To celebrate our UK tour we are offering free to download a brand new EP featuring two tracks from our now-sold-out 'Music For Another Loss' album, one previously unheard track 'High Sea Light' and an exclusive remix of 'Drift Apart' by Loner Deluxe (Rusted Rail).

Go to our Bandcamp page to download for free!