July update

The sun streams through the makeshift curtains in the studio that only a couple of weeks ago was alive to the sounds of a frantic recording session. Joel had arrived in the UK for a brief 48 hour stop in order to complete some long overdue Memory Drawings business which we have detailed below:-

We have completed a remix for Littlebow -an oddball outfit containing two of our favourite artists Katie English  (Isnaj Dui) and Kieron Phelan (Phelan/Shephard/State River Widening). Our effort will appear on their upcoming second full lengther due on Second Language later in the year.

We have finished our contribution  to the upcoming third instalment of the 'Music and Migration' compilation due out through Second Language later this year.  Check the Second Language site for updates.

We have also been working a series of home recordings which take the form of 'a day in the life' having been recorded at various times on the same day. We hope to release this as part of...or separate to... our forthcoming album 'There is No Perfect Place' which is almost complete. Richard is heading into the studio mid July to do some final mixing tweaks.

So we leave the sales pitch til last.  We have some slightly mis-pressed copies of our debut album 'Music For Another Loss' for sale. Basically the tracks on CD2 are slightly in the wrong order, one track got shifted by some mysterious poltergeist during mastering so threw everything out. Otherwise its identical to the initial now sold out release. Please visit Richard's Discogs page to get yourself a copy.

And 'Music For Another Loss' is now available digitally at Itunes and Amazon and other purveyors of digital sound.

We hope this finds you having a nice summer, thank you to anyone who has posted nice comments on our Facebook page, it is really appreciated.