Post tour

Well this has been a tour of undoubted success! We were welcomed with open arms wherever we went and at least 4 out of the 5 shows were special in their own unique way. Thanks to everyone who showed up to watch the shows,  turnouts were terrific throughout and we sold many a CD so thanks for your generosity. We must apologise to anyone who came to see us in Sunderland, the venue we were supposed to play in had been closed down so we ended up in a rock club, ACDC over the PA system and the bleed from the band on the floor below drowning us out! 

We have a lot of people to thank:- namely Paul Elam for helping set everything up, Brian at Books For Amnesty York for letting us turn his shop into a gig venue for the night, all the great Wharf Chambers people in Leeds (what a venue!), George and his Headfall people  in Bristol, Ben and Arran in Sunderland for patience in an impossible situation, David and team in Manchester and all the bands we played with. It's a rarity for support acts to be chosen with such military precision and to fit in perfectly with the aesthetic.

Suddenly finding ourselves in the age of instantly uploaded photos and videos, we have a slew of footage to share, which we will do over the next few posts.......